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My Investment Portfolio (15/04/2020)

My current portfolio exists of 70.4% IWDA, 12.2% EMIM, 11.2% IUSN, 2.9% EUNA, 2% IPRE and the remainder is in the Morgan Stanley EUR Liquidity Fund. Currently all of my investments are in a custody account at DeGiro and as a result of this all the ETFs I’m invested in are accumulating funds.

IWDA (ISIN: IE00B4L5Y983) is an accumulating ETF that covers the developed market and EMIM (ISIN: IE00BKM4GZ66) covers the emerging market. The problem I have with IWDA is that it doesn’t include small cap stocks and because of that I have added IUSN (ISIN: IE00BF4RFH31) to my portfolio.

EUNA (ISIN: IE00BDBRDM35) is an aggregate bond ETF. I determined the amount of bonds I should have by following the formula % of bonds = -20 + age, which determines that I should have 3% in bonds since I’m 23 years old.

IPRE (ISIN: IE00BGDQ0L74) is an European property ETF and I’ve got to admit that I regret buying this because I later decided I wanted a more simplistic portfolio. Selling it right now wouldn’t be a smart decision however, since it would mean that I would be selling it at a loss. Nonetheless I will probably sell it when it goes up in price again after the corona crisis blows over.

Unfortunately I have to buy EUNA and IUSN at Xetra, which means the fees are quite high (€4.00 + 0.05%) for me compared to EMIM and IWDA (€2.00 + 0.03%) and besides that there’s also a yearly connectivity fee of €2.50 for buying and selling on Xetra. If I discover cheaper alternatives for both I will consider switching to them.

I haven’t exactly decided how I will rebalance my portfolio when needed, currently I’m buying IWDA every month and EMIM every two months, but I will probably have to buy EUNA and IUSN way less than that because of the aforementioned high fees. I plan on holding onto my investments for at least the next 20 years. Obviously as I’m learning more about investing and personal finance I will reconsider certain things, but for now this is the plan I’m sticking to.