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How I’m Learning Japanese

こんにちは皆さん、元気ですか?Today I figured it would be nice to talk about how I’m learning Japanese. One of my problems is that I can’t concentrate for very long on certain tasks and that I’m not motivated all the time. This makes things like grinding out vocabulary through Anki very tiresome and demotivating. Sure, I’ll might manage to do it for one or two months daily, but at one point the decks will take too long for my attention span.

So one of my methods is that I write down a bunch of very small tasks related to the language that are so small that I have literally no excuse not to do them. Not only that, but I also try to make them as convenient as possible. Right now I’m using the following methods:


Duolingo is a language learning app/website, it is free to use and the lessons are fairly short. The fact that it has an app makes it very easy for me to get my daily exposure to Japanese even when I’m not at home. Some people will argue that this isn’t the most effective method to learn a language and if this is the only thing you’re doing I’ll have to agree, but Duolingo is only one tool in my language learning toolbox.


It shouldn’t surprise you that there are plenty of videos in Japanese on Youtube. One of the channels I watch is the ANN News channel (ANNnewsCH), it has plenty very, very short videos (think less than a minute long) so naturally I watch them and I try to listen very closely to what they’re saying. I’ll usually also scroll to the comment section and try to read the comments.

Youtube also has plenty of Japanese music, so I occasionally listen to that, though this is a very passive way of being exposed to the language.

Besides that I also have my Youtube set to the Japanese version so the Trending page is filled with Japanese content, but I’ll have to admit most of the content on it isn’t very interesting for me personally.

Writing a single sentence a day

Yes. Only a single sentence a day. The goal here is to force myself to think daily about how to formulate sentences in Japanese and how to apply the grammar correctly. Obviously writing a single sentence a day isn’t much and that’s the entire point of it, a year later you will have written at the very least 365 sentences in Japanese and on some days you’ll probably feel motivated to write more than one sentence. It is basically like compound interest.

Last but not least…

There are also a bunch of things I do when I have nothing better to do, like I’ll grind out one of my Anki decks or I study some grammar (for example through Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide). Besides that I try to read any Japanese I come across, even if I don’t completely understand what it means.

Obviously it’s better to use the language more, but there are days you just don’t feel like studying for an hour or two and on those days I’m content with solely doing that single Duolingo lesson, watching that single 20-second clip and writing that single sentence. I hope you’ve got some interesting information from this article and I hope you’ll have a great day.